The Final Post on the DNA Results

What you see here is me!

Yeap, look at that. Look beyond Italian and German. It seems by DNA, multiple ethnicities! And so, I am Caucasian, Hispanic, African, Middle Eastern and probably many other Tribes if they could go back that far.

Perhaps we are evolving - beyond the clan, the tribe, and the labels are becoming less important. Maybe once the little green guys land, we will be simply "human".

Might be time to contemplate our place in the great adventure and use the technology available to us. Why not start documenting family history digitally - today! If your family is fortunate enough to still have grandma and grandpa around, consider getting them in front of a camera and let them share stories. Someday, your descendants 300 years from now may be trying to figure things out. A digital recording would provide a record of our time and the people who came before them.

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