SELL - It Is Spring

Some Reasons to Sell This Spring!

Fresh air, sunshine, spring rains bringing new flowers – no, those are not the reasons but spring is a feel good time of year for many people. It is like a new awakening and vibrance.

However, back to real estate – spring, especially this spring, is a strong home market with plenty of folks out shopping for their new home. How about you – have you been thinking about your next (or maybe first) home? There are not enough homes on the market - if you are the seller, there is less competition for now. Buyers have less to choose from and that is called a sellers’ market.

The process of selling should be pretty much straightforward at this time of year. If you are buying, you want to be sure you are pre-approved to make the process as simple as possible for you too. Once you are pre-approved – time to get going. This is a market opportunity not to be missed! Beat rising home prices and increasing interest rates!

How Much Equity You Have in Your Home?

We have mentioned this in earlier articles – but if you already own a home, you may be surprised to find how much equity you have accumulated. Many who went negative have recovered and then some! It is an opportunity to move up! Look at the numbers in the article (link above) – then call and find out where your home value is right now. That equity can be your investment in your new home.

Are You Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Get ready for competition. Not only from existing homes going on the market, but builders are pulling more new construction permits and new homes are tough competition. If you are a seller, again, if you want to move on – sooner on the market starts the move to your new home. If you are a buyer, just a reminder – home prices are going up. This applies to existing homes and new builder construction. It cost more to build today! Do not take that negatively – there are many advantages to a new home!

Finally, the BIG ONE to consider – whether you are a first time buyer or a homeowner looking to make a change – watch interest rates. The consensus is they are moving up. The reality – we will all adjust. However, if you can get in earlier – you can save money or buy more house!

Demand Still Outpacing the Supply of Homes

How long have we been hearing that there are not enough homes available for sale? There are more buyers out there then there are sellers. That is a problem. There is a state buyer traffic chart in the linked article. Check it out. Texas is strong. Buyers are ready if you want to sell and you price it right.

Moving up MORE Affordable Now Than Almost Any Other Time in 40 Years

So what happens if you sell and there is a shortage of homes on the market? There are more upscale homes available to choose from. It is the starter or lower priced homes that are the shortest in supply. You can also build your new home. It can be your dream home – a home built with your choices. If you work with an agent with new construction credentials and a builder with a good reputation, everyone can work and plan together to make your dream a reality.

Now’s the Time to Fulfill Your Dreams of a Luxury Home

What is a dream home? It is the home you have always wanted to live in. It is the home that is right for you and your lifestyle. It is the hope and dream of living and enjoying your home as you wish – with all the options of your choosing. You can do it!

As mentioned above, there is a greater number of higher priced homes on the market and that means more to choose from. On the other hand, you can build your dream home and get even closer to the home with everything you want! A real estate professional – especially one with new construction background – can help you achieve your goal. And, the builder pays us – it cost you nothing. Call and let’s talk about that.

Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale This Spring

If you are going to sell your home – there is a “to do” list. The link above will take you to that list. These are the basics – your real estate professional can further guide you.

Why do all these things? Very simply to get you the most money for your present home. List with a licensed professional to best help you do that.