Immigration 1800 to 1900

1800 to 1825

It appears the ancestors multiplied and are on the move west. Not much happening in crossing the big pond.

1825 to 1850

On the move again. More folks making the crossing and settling in places further North and West. That top line looks like it may be Wisconsin.

1850 to 1875

OMG! Maybe the carriers were offering discounted travel. There is lots of activity and it appears to be the first entry into Texas by my German side. Hmmm - maybe if you all will share this I can connect to some of the family that I have not met yet!

1875 to 1900

They were coming over in much greater numbers by now! The image shows the German side and finally, the Italian side making the move. I remember my Italian grandmother came over right around 1900 and recall her telling me that the ship had sails and an engine. The voyage was so rough that she would forever refuse to go on a ship again.