Immigration 1900 to 1950

1900 to 1925

They just kept coming over. The ancestors knew a good thing when they saw it! The United States of America was the dream destination of a lifetime. This was the new world. This was a place where you could start with nothing, earn a living, support your family and, in some cases, get very wealthy. This was the land of the free.

It appears my Italian side made it to California - I met some of them in person years ago. Won't get into it here, but I did manage to trace more immediate members of the family clearing through Ellis Island... and, well, the rest is history.

1925 to 1950

Most of the German side was in the US by now - though I remember some last minute folks that came in right about the time PanAm had 707 travel.... another story. The Italians were still working their way over.

More to come tomorrow.