Is it Time to buy?

Is It Time for Your First Home?

Ready? Check out the chart. Set? Check out the chart again. Go! Call me and let’s get you your first home.

Renters Under 50 - and more - Want to Buy a Home!

Today must be National Chart Day or something. Again, I need to point you to the chart in today’s report (just click that link above). Lots of folks who rent now would like to buy if they could. Of the total group, the under 50 crowd of wannabes leads with the highest percentage. We help everyone if we can. Are you ready to find out today if you can qualify for a home mortgage?

What If I Wait to Buy a Home?

This year to next year… prices up! Interest up! Payments UP. Click the link to see the chart. Remember, as the upward trend continues, so does the monthly payment!

Summer Is a Great Time to Buy a Home!

If you follow this blog with some regularity, you know that no matter what the season, I am going to say it is a good time to buy. Because IT IS! That’s right – it is always a good time to buy and become a homeowner.

Why is that? Prices are trending up and so is interest. You have to live someplace – and it might as well be under your own roof. It is good to invest – invest in yourself with a home you OWN. Move on with your life – you are just not getting any younger so go for the adventure and have some fun!