The Cemetery

When I was a youngster, I was taught that visiting the cemetery was a way to show respect for those loved ones who have passed on. Both sides of the family were on board with that old tradition. If I were still in Chicago, I would be doing the same.

Fortunately, I have some dear friends who visit those loved ones on my behalf - religiously every Memorial Day weekend. They bring flowers to the graves and clean up the environmental impact of the past year. Without them, like many other grave markers time would take its toll.

I never hear anyone talking about visiting the cemetery any more. It is as though we bury them and forget them. Of course, we cannot live in the past. The question is how to recognize those that gave us a future.

I really debated about sharing this for over a week – and I have held off posting anything pending the decision. As I have said with other post, I am opening up a little bit more about me. Yes, this is a real estate blog, and a real estate blog is about people, family and so much more besides selling land and houses!