Sell With A Pro Today

5 Reasons to Sell This Summer!

Move up. Move on. Get it done quickly – beat the rush! With the lower inventory of available homes – it is a sellers’ market! It is all about supply and demand. This is going to be one HOT summer! Are you in?

Buyers Are Out Now. Don’t Wait to Sell Your House!

What happens if you hold off – for whatever the reason? You would miss a market that does not have enough inventory to support the buyers out there who are ready to buy. As more folks list, inventory increases and you have more competition. We are early in the shopping season and a perfect time to jump in – and time for you to shop for your new home before prices and rates move up higher!

Selling FSBO Could Cost You

Statistically, somewhere around 90% of folks who try to go it on their own eventually turn to a real estate professional to help them sell their home. There must be something behind that!

Consider the psychology of a FSBO. Your potential buyer knows you are saving on real estate fees. There is an expectation that you can sell your home for less since there is no middleman. You see the money saved going into your pocket – the buyer sees things differently.

Suppose you price your house wrong. Too high, it will not sell. Too low, you lose money. How do you know when you sign the sale contract that the buyer is qualified to make a purchase and finance it? How do you get out of the contract if things go wrong? Who do you let in your house – does safety matter?

Why You Need A Pro in Your Corner

Real estate professionals train hundreds of hours – sales training, marketing, legal and the art of negotiating. Professionals deal with all the bumps in the road that can occur in getting the deal closed. They deal with the title company, the inspectors, lenders and more! It is not a matter of placing a sign out front or placing an ad on the internet. I suppose that is why so many who try FSBO do turn to professionals for help. Talk to a professional today - it matters!