The Anthony At Canyon Springs

Several months ago, I mentioned that I moved into an apartment in Stone Oak. Some would argue that ditching the house and opting in for apartment complex would be a terrible decision. However, that is not always the case. Even though I am a staunch advocate of home ownership, there are reasons that apartment living may be the right choice at the right time. The choice of WHICH apartment complex to call home however is of the utmost importance.

The Anthony at Canyon Springs is a living community where there is attention to detail and a focus on comfort and enablement of the residents.

It’s a pretty neat community, clean looking with garage facilities available and different size apartments to suit your needs. The best part is, the surroundings kind of take you back to nature, as trees and nice views abound.

Generally speaking, the whole area looks much more tied together than many residential communities I have visited before.

If you are a fan of golf, there is the Canyons Spring Golf Club, a resort level swimming pool and a secondary pool, a fitness center, a sauna, playground and BBQ facilities, basketball court, and more.

How good is the place for pet owners? The Anthony allows pets including cats and dogs but you must pick up after them and respect the other residents. You may want to ask the management for more details if you have a pet alligator or something on the exotic side. Other than that, if you’re a pet owner, you’re good to go.

It’s great living in such a community where it is nice and quiet; tons of things to do, beautiful apartments, and great views all around.

As my regular readers know, I am a REALTOR and not an apartment locator. I know someone who can help you if you are apartment hunting. But, if you want to live in a great Stone Oak community, I can help you with this one. Visit the staff at The Anthony and they will show you around and give you pricing for what is available. Be sure to let them know Al sent you and as long as you register under my name, once they give me a referral bonus – I will share it with you. That is on top of any bonus offers they having going when you move in! Just call me – AL.

Y’all come and visit now:

24245 Wilderness Oak (Wilderness Oak at Canyon Golf)
San Antonio, TX 78258