T-Mobile Rocks

So, this is a real estate blog and I am writing about a cell phone company. Yes – and for sure!

Whether you are looking to buy a home, sell a home or you are a real estate professional doing both of those, could you imagine doing it without your mobile phone? In our modern world, the mobile phone has become far more than something to talk on. We communicate by text, by email, we search for information and the list goes on.

However we use the mobile phone, we expect it to work – seamlessly. When it does not, we may utter a few words, reconnect and go on with the task at hand. Somehow, the issue magically resolves itself. When the interruption continues we call the phone service provider for help (hopefully calming down before we do). That is when everything becomes mission critical. That is when the kind of customer service you receive is paramount.

Continuous issues happened to me recently and I want to share the story with you. It all started when I moved. Most of us have relationships with a mobile phone company. Sometimes, for whatever the reason, those are short-term relationships – other times, much longer. T-Mobile and I are somewhere around 15 years now. That is fantastic ‘eh? There are reasons why I stay.

After I moved, I began experiencing call drops and folks not hearing me. I assumed the issues would remedy themselves and just go away. They did not. I made the typical calls to T-Mobile customer service and chatted with a few different folks – all of whom listened and tried their best. This went on for a while and elevated to higher levels, but the solution to the problem eluded us. The amount of attention I received was way more than expected and yet the problem continued.

Then one day, I had a serious medical issue and the phone acted up. My doctor was frustrated and so was I. I did not take time to calm down before calling. Actually, that day I was more in “bear” mode. Anyway, I connected with a young man named Joshua. He was very empathetic and went into immediate action. I will not make this any longer with the details, but a day later, he actually called to check in and find out if I was OK (I still have his voicemail on my phone).

Josh had to elevate it further and Justin was assigned to resolve whatever was going on. Justin is tenacious in his resolve to make everything work – and work correctly. When he said he would call back he did. He followed up with engineers and tower folks, he consulted with others and we tested a few things. He got it done – everything works. I am again a happy T-Mobile customer.

I had a list of the folks that helped me along the way, shamefully I misplaced it. I thank the T-Mobile Solutions Group – Justin, Josh, Vanessa and a bunch of others on the team. You all do a super job! There are great phone companies out there and we all have our favorite – mine is chosen for service, over the air when I use my phone and in real time with support staff when I need to call in. GO – TMO!