Buy Now Or Later - Working With A Realtor

Posting a double today. These are the last two of our recent series of 1 minute videos!

There are many reasons to buy now and perhaps the most important is purchasing power. As interest rates climb, purchasing power declines. The video is only one minute long - right after, have a look at our page on purchasing power and how it may impact you.

Of course I am going to recommend working with a REALTOR - I am one. The truth is, whether you choose to work with me or any other REALTOR of your choice, the most important thing is that you work with a professional and not try to navigate the sale or purchase of a home on your own. I give similar advice to someone with acute appendicitis - go see a professional who knows what they are doing! Talk with us - find out how we can help. If you are buying, it costs you nothing! If you are selling, professional services are worth it!