San Antonio, located in south-central Texas is the seventh largest city in the United States with over 1.5 million inhabitants. It is also a fast-growing city, as people come from all over the country to enjoy its tremendous culture and history and to acquire jobs in its booming economy.
Founded in 1718, San Antonio retains much of its Spanish-American flavor and architecture, and this is combined with glistening modern high-rise buildings in the downtown area. What are some things to see in San Antonio?

Missions National Historical Park

In the early 1700s, Spanish soldiers and colonists settled in what is now San Antonio. Roman Catholic priests built five missions throughout the area, which served as gathering points to convert the local Native Americans to Christianity.

Four of these missions are located within biking distance of each other: Missions San José, Concepción, San Juan Capistrano and Espada. Although the sites of these missions were designated a Park in 1983, signage is not complete, so you will need to ask for directions at each one in order to bike (or walk briskly!) to the next one. Each mission has its own unique character and history.

The Alamo

The fifth mission belonging to the Missions National Historical Park and perhaps the most famous historical building in San Antonio is The Alamo. Originally the Mission San Antonio de Valero, in the late 1700s the building was converted into a military installation, when it was given the name of the Alamo. The Battle of the Alamo, which took place between Mexican soldiers and “Texians” fighting to turn Texas into an independent republic, took place in 1836.


The San Antonio River runs through downtown San Antonio. The Riverwalk is a pedestrian-only series of walkways following the river, which is lined with hundreds of shops and restaurants. The River Walk is extremely popular with locals and tourists as most of San Antonio’s downtown cultural venues can be reached from it.

San Antonio Museum of Art

The city’s Museum of Art opened its doors in 1981. Originally focused on the art of the Americas (art created before the advent of Columbus, as well as art created during Spanish Colonial times) it has since expanded to feature art from several countries, including Egypt, Greece and Rome.

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