Why REALTORS® need to have their own website!

Gone are the days when people used to read advertisements or visit their real estate agent’s office in order to find a home. Today most everyone uses the internet to narrow their search whether they have a real estate agent or not. The internet has also become a go to source for choosing a real estate agent when ready.

There are numerous websites offering details on homes and land for sale and, depending on your area, those sites feature tens, hundreds or even thousands of agents – your competitors. Just being listed on such popular websites might not turn out to be a good source of business for agents. Unless you are willing to pay month after month of high fees, you are not a “featured agent”. When you no long pay the monthly fees, your status as a featured agent abruptly ends. Is that a good long term ROI?

There are reasons to invest time and resources in your own website, a few are listed below:

Build your brand name
Having your own website insures you an individuality and uniqueness that no real estate portal can offer. It helps you create a brand name and a value proposition that will go a long way in establishing yourself as a successful professional in the real estate business. Not even your local broker’s site can do that for you!

Establish yourself as a LOCAL brand
Real estate buyers and sellers like to work with an agent who has local knowledge that a portal simply cannot duplicate. Your website would help you establish yourself as a local agent and a local business. Your own website affords an opportunity for special localized pages further adding to your credibility and sustainability in your market area.

Integrate with the local MLS
Featuring the properties in your local MLS on your website allows you to offer potential clients all the listings they can find on a large portal without the ads, distractions – and other agents. Clients can set up accounts to automatically receive new listings or price changes. Every time they receive a notice – they see YOU as the sender. It is personalized.

The Power of Team Brands
The same applies to your team! You can create a TEAM brand and TEAM website to draw new and repeat business. Use the power of a local group with a larger base in your market.

Work with a REALTOR® website consultant
You may or may not be well versed with the complexities of setting up or managing an agent or broker website or you simply might not have the time. This is where a website consultant comes to your rescue. Your best option is someone who is a practicing and licensed REALTOR® and has the knowledge and skills sets to do that for you. Whether you need set up only or ongoing management, we can help. That is why we built Agent Branded Websites - there is no charge for a consultation.