Inventory, Prices, Buyers and Americans

What do all those words have in common San Antonio?

Home inventory has dropped again - this is the 9th consecutive quarter! There is tremendous pressure on the market right now and until more folks list their home for sale, it is going to be a rough road. Builders are doing their best to deliver new homes, but supply and demand are just out of sync. As always, things are temporary and will change again - perhaps with a wide swing to become a buyers market. If you are thinking of a change, now is a great time to list your home! Read more

The inventory shortage is creating new price pressure on existing homes and that is great news - if you are already a homeowner. If you have not yet purchased your first home - time is of the essence! If you are looking to downsize - then the market is great for you! If you are looking to move up, the market is good for you too! Your equity in your present home has increased as prices moved up and that should give you a greater down payment for your new home. But, make no mistake about it - the home you are looking to buy is also moving up. If that new home is a higher value, the chances are it is moving higher in value faster than the one you are selling. Don't wait for that spread to widen! More about rising prices

It is almost like a joyride in the real estate market. Rising prices, lots of buyers, an upward trend all seem so wonderful. But, never lose sight of the risks or become too confident. If you have a buyer who genuinely loves your home, why not work with them? They will work hard to do their part because yours is their dream home! You might get a higher offer - from a less credit enabled buyer, an appraisal may be short and all kids of issues can suddenly materialize. Take a good look at an offer before rejecting it. More about Buyers

And finally, Americans are still together in so many ways when it comes to homeownership. Collectively, we have it right! Real Estate is a good long term investment. If you have not yet jumped in, call me and I'll help you become a homeowner. If you are already a homeowner and ready for the next step up, call me and I'll help you too! And, for more - read today's article

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