Myths Slayed, 3 Questions, 3 Tips, 84% Believe

Home Buying Myths Slayed! 88% of property managers raised rents in the last 12 months and no signs of slowing or stopping. So how high is UP and why do you want to keep climbing THAT ladder? You are just helping to pay down the landlords mortgage month after month. A lot of folks still believe you need something like 20% down to buy a house. You do not! A lot of folks believe you need to be a super star in your credit score. You do not! If you want to make the switch to your own home - and pay down your own mortgage - then try it. Seriously, START the house hunt by applying for a mortgage and get pre-approved or if not approved, find out what you still need to do to finally get approved. Still hesitant? Call me and we can talk. For more, checkout today's article on slaying the home buying myths

3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy. The questions are really quite clear and simple. First, why do you want to buy? What is your personal motivation (forget what everybody else is doing, make it personal). You might even have several reasons - share them with your agent. Where are home values going? Up is good. Down is not the end of the world as long as you can make the mortgage payment. Shocked by that? Don't be. Unless you must sell when prices are low, don't worry - you have a roof over your head and very likely prices will recover (we just lived through that didn't we?). And then there is mortgage interest and rates. This time going "up" is not good. Going down may be possible - maybe slightly or in another time. Right now, they ARE down. And, you want to miss that? You know - today's article

3 Tips to Succeed in Today’s Real Estate Market. Again, pretty basic here. Have a strategy, prepare - and, you might have heard this one - think outside the box. There are undiscovered gems out there. You have the power of discovery. You have the internet. You do not need an agent to do a drive by. You are searching the internet privately - go have a look - privately. Don't knock on doors and don't go in unless they are having an open house. If you do not follow the rules, you might scare somebody - or get shot! If it looks promising, get your agent on board for more information and and inside look. You may have to wait a little to get inside so the sooner you let your agent know, the sooner that process begins. Ask your agent - meanwhile, checkout today's article

84% of Americans Believe Buying a Home is a Good Financial Decision. OK, so we all know the mood of the country is not wonderful right now (you like honesty - right?) - so to get 84% - yes 84% of Americans to AGREE on something!!! WOW! They agree homeownership is opportunity, stability, wealth and prosperity. We are AMERICANS and that belief about homeownership is a part of who we are. But, did you know that people - many people - from other countries buy here in the United States because owning a home here IS a great investment. Are you ready for your turn? Or ready to move on up. You have so many choices all over. Here in San Antonio, homes for sale directly from the MLS (multiple listing service) are free for you to browse and you do not need to register! You like looking at homes at 3 in the morning - go for it (just wait about 5 hours before calling me so I can share in the excitement - when I am awake!). Have a look at today's article to see what Americans agree on