DOM drops, Shortages up, SELL

Well now, that headline almost reads like something pertaining to the stock market. But not. It is all about housing.

This will be the first time since the inception of this blog that I am going to combine multiple posts. Let's see how it goes. It is not a concept I can take credit for. Actually, more like a necessity with me trying to catch up for not posting the last couple weeks. For regular followers, thanks for the many private condolence messages about Josh. Very much appreciated.

OK - here goes...

A drop in the number of days on market, means homes are selling very fast. It is a healthy market indicating that folks are able and willing to buy. It is also a sellers market as lower inventory means sellers can ask more and buyers have less options. If you are looking to buy a new home - either a first home or a move up, consider buying a new home. There are many benefits to going that route. If you are in San Antonio, I would be happy to show you some new homes and share some ideas. Not in my market, you can still call me and I will find you an agent in your area.

As we said above, there is a housing shortage. This is a great time to sell if you are thinking about it. Sell and upsize or sell and downsize, whatever is best for you. Not sure what your house is worth? Then call me - Al.

OK - here are the graphics. Homes are selling. The market needs more. Buyers are shopping. Sellers - the market is waiting on you!

Imagine getting 75% of folks to agree on something. Yes, 75% of homeowners are thinking NOW is a good time to sell. Need help with that?

Confirmation from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) - Now is a great time to sell. So who is ready already?