Taxes turned Downpayment

Your Tax Return: Bring it Home. Have a look at today's article to see how folks use their tax refunds. Cannot argue with putting in the bank or paying down debt (assuming the debt is not run up again until such time as next year's tax refund) but think about it - why not look at using that tax refund as a down payment on your own home! Maybe it will take two years of refunds to have enough for your down payment but it is doable. And, once you are a homeowner and have interest and property tax to deduct it is likely that your tax refund will be even larger. A larger refund can be used in so many ways - perhaps some thing special, or added to your savings, college tuition funds, even making an extra mortgage payment once a year and that would be the subject of another article. Tax refunds are SO nice! How did you spend yours