Remodeling Tips for a Better Build!

By Michael Hopkins (Guest Poster)

Buying a Home is a Wonderful experience. It also assures that in time or at the time of purchase, you will be thinking if this room were only larger or a different shape or…. the list goes on. If it is something you are absolutely going to do, then sooner rather than later pays nice dividends as building costs only rise. Now, how about doing all the work yourself to reduce costs? It works out well sometimes… your neighbor did it right?

Most times large DIY projects do not turn out as well as the image in your mind. A general contractor will be your guardian angel organizing projects, keeping subcontractors honest, and running projects in sequence so that all the components fit together. How do you know if you will need a general contractor? This list should help:
A. Is the project going to take longer than a week?
B. Will the project require several different subcontractors to complete?
C. Will the project require permits?

Remodeling your home in many cases not only enhances the aesthetics of your home, it also makes the home more functional to your needs. It’s not always time to move! Energy efficiency is a form of remodeling/restoration. Those curious drafts in your home could be costing you a pretty penny. Solar is also an option these days as surface substrates and the ability to store energy has taken solar from a dream to reality!

When getting to the actual build, being able to communicate your ideas to your contractor and/or designer about colors, textures, flooring, appliances, fixtures, and what your budget is for the remodel/restoration creates a great starting point from where wonderful things will happen. A great build starts with a great plan. No need to worry if you’re not crystal clear about everything, your contractor/designer will have many ideas to bring about a build you’ll be proud of for many years to come!

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