Best Buy Geek Squad

Again – we owe thanks to the Geek Squad at Best Buy Legacy!

Their responsiveness to an urgent need is amazing. My main drive crashed and I expected 4 to 7 days down time. Instead, I was given an early evening appointment (dinner time) and they were able to swap out the SSID, reload the operating system and get my machine going while I waited. AWESOME!

For the record, this transpired in early October – and shame on me for waiting so long to make this post. But – I got it done and you know I am still happy 90 days after the rescue and repair!😊

The guy who helped was Joe. He helped me about a year or so ago and was equally great to work with – the kind of guy who represents the Geek Squad very well. I cannot speak to all Best Buy Geek Squad locations, but Legacy is my go to resource for computer needs. I found out they also offer one on one training. If you need that kind of support, they are worth checking out. All in all, when you need computer services, think Best Buy and the Geek Squad – they are highly recommended and I hope you will agree.