Homes Priced Right Or Bubble Coming?

Housing Bubble - But Not Before 2024

The experts, the folks paid to study and analyze and number crunch, report that there are no direct or indirect signs of coming trouble. After the last bubble and the pain that followed, it is reasonable to assume the experts will be watching and analyzing even more than they might have before that bubble.

So, what are they saying? Prices going UP! Prices going up through 2024 before there MIGHT be an issue. That is a lot of room to move UP. Are you prepared to ride the wave toward upward wealth? Alternatively, would you prefer to pay ever-increasing rent prices while you help your landlord build wealth? I suppose even if a bubble happens in 2024, your landlord will be in a better equity position than his renters. Ya think?

Are Home Values Overinflated?

“If the housing bubble and bust had not happened, and home values had instead appreciated at a steady pace, the median home value would be higher than its current value.” WOW! Think about that.

Actually, it looks like we have crawled back to where we ought to be.

Home Prices - 5 Year Difference

The recovery from 2012 to 2017 shows confidence. Real estate has long been a sound investment. Of course, there are ups and downs. It is a free market and ours is capitalism. Once again, real estate has returned and values have returned. Even folks who were upside down and lost their homes are recovering and returning to homeownership. National home equity has recovered. And, America looks to a brighter future – and the American Dream.

Are you on board?