San Antonio House Types

By Matt Reilly @ Reilly Roofing and Gutters (Guest Poster)

George Kalteyer House

When you enter the city of San Antonio, Texas, you will be able to spot a rich history by just looking at the architecture. The building styles can reflect homes from Spanish to Mexican and some even have a touch of French roots. The architectural styles are truly exceptional as there are many design choices. Here are some San Antonio house types that you might come across if you are doing a house search in the area.

• Traditional design

These homes in many cases are homes from the 18th century which are updated. They do not have a unique style of their own as they are a mixture of different styles. Attention to historical details will come forth in these homes, and their influence can come from a Colonial, Craftsman, and Ranch Rambler style home. The front door tends to have one window on each side and five on top, with the middle window above the door. Other features on these homes are shutters, dormers, detailing in wood and big porches.

• Southern design

The Southern design consists of large window shutters, columns, pediments and a huge porch. These homes are typically built from wood or brick and have a gabled or pitched roof with big roof overhangs and verandas. Dormers in a Southern style home are easily recognized. In San Antonio, these homes are adapted for heat, humidity and sweltering temperatures during the summer. The included elements in the design of the home are specifically created to take advantage of the cool air.

• European design

Certain parts of these homes might look old, but they are durable, they can be plaster walls, stone floors, and big fireplaces. The roof may be of stone or even copper elements and form some complicated rooflines. The European inspiration for those big homes comes from Italy, France, and England.

• Vintage design

A variety type of home styles are found in each area of San Antonio. However certain home styles are dominant in certain areas. In King William District, for instance, there are plenty of old Victorian style homes. The King William District was originally a farmland and developed after the German merchants who came to the area in 1840. King William is certainly rich in history, seen in the mansions that are Victorian homes which spawned styles like Greek Revival, and Italianate style homes. In San Antonio, Greek Revivals can be described as gable-fronted houses painted white to resemble white marble with bold details but yet simple moldings. The Italianate build structures are seen as a tighter symmetrical floor plan with much ornamentation and can come in mansions or modest row houses.

• Contemporary design

Some modern buildings can be seen in San Antonio, as the San Antonio museum of art for instance. As for the contemporary home market in San Antonio, builders and designers need to get required approval before construction can start. The neighborhoods have a certain look to them, mostly with high pitch gabled roofs whereas modern styles tend to have a flatter roof without gables. However, it is possible for more modern designs to make into the San Antonio neighborhoods if they can blend in with good taste without sticking out like a sore thumb.

In downtown San Antonio even bungalows can be found, and in specific areas, finding luxury estates is not difficult. San Antonio is a large city but at the same time has a small town feel due to the smart planning of architecture and design which offers a wide variety for any lifestyle.