58% See a Drop Coming

58% of Homeowners See a Drop in Home Values Coming! What a statement. I hope you keep reading to find out why that is believed WRONG.

Today's market is not like it was during the crash. Back then getting a mortgage was simple - all you had to do was be breathing (OK, not THAT simple, but you get the idea). Today, that is just not going to happen. There are rules designed to protect everyone - even the buyer! Even though we see some loosening of the overly tight restrictions, it is far different today that it was back then. Builders too have gone more conservative. New homes on the ground and ready for the next person that happens along is just not happening. Actually, Builders are struggling to keep up with demand. Read more on the subject

Actually, Homes Are Selling Quickly Nationwide!

In June, over half the homes sold were on the market for less than a month! You read that correctly - more than 50% of the homes listed were sold in less than 30 days. That says demand is there - a backlog of folks looking to buy a new home is out shopping - and it is a seller's market. More on that

Your Home is an Oasis in an Inventory Desert

The comparison to an oasis in the desert in an interesting analogy but not far off. Your home can be a welcome relief for the buyer who just have not been able to find what they are looking for. And yet a lot of folks who are thinking about selling hesitate thinking they can find themselves in the same position - a buyer who cannot find a home. Scary thought - and a realistic one! However, some research beforehand, a possible move to new construction or a move up to a higher value and you may find surprising opportunities. This concept is one you want to discuss with your REALTOR professional. Don't let fear hold you back. You can do it

Housing Inventory Hits 30-Year Low

Housing could be better! So what's wrong? People have jobs, homes are affordable, and interest rates are still low and housing keeps chugging along. The missing item is inventory. Very simply there are not enough available homes to meet the demand of available buyers. Of course that is expected to shift one day - the market works in cycles. But, we are here and this is now and it is time to seize the moment! If you perfectly satisfied with your present home - don't do anything (other than make sure you have the best possible mortgage) - but if you have ANY reason to move up, or down, or around - now is good. Check it out

The fact is 93.9% Of Homes in The US Have Positive Equity!

Significant Equity Is On The Rise. Did you know that Homeowner equity increased by $766 billion over the last year? That is a staggering improvement in wealth. Your improved equity position can pave the road for a new home and an opportunity to increase your base for an even greater accumulation of wealth. More stats for you in today's report

Keeping up with the Joneses? Now's the Time!

Actually, who cares what the Joneses are doing? Seriously! What matters is your own need and how it fits your situation. But the analogy is not bad - it is just to stress that there is opportunity out there. Opportunity to move up, move down, relocate or even a lateral move to something new and fresh. Maybe a new neighborhood - or maybe a new home of your own. I have clients that I met when they were just about to make their 360th mortgage payment - imagine! They were relocating and never thought they could afford "new". I showed them how to do that and about 5 months later they moved into a brand new home that nobody had ever lived in before. It was all theirs - new everything including energy savings, etc. (another day's discussion). So have a look at the Joneses report and let's talk about what your needs are (and if your name is Jones would you like to be a featured article?)