San Antonio Cost of Not Owning

Do You Know the Cost of NOT Owning Your Home? Many of us who grew up in a rental were lead to believe that the folks owning their home were rich and that owning a home was too expensive - way more expensive than just renting. Have you heard that before? It was interesting hearing the discussions within my extended family - one side being home owners and the other committed renters! I joined ranks with the owners side long before I got into real estate as an agent - even long before I got into real estate as an investor. Today, everything has turned around. It is cheaper to be a home owner. Renters are paying higher costs and can look forward to paying more rent. Owners have the option to look at a fixed term - and someday, no more mortgage payments. Owners also look forward to enjoying their increased wealth. And all the time that is going on behind the scene, owners are enjoying their OWN property and all the benefits that come with it. Hope you will take two minutes and have a look at today's article. And, then - are you ready