No housing bubble in San Antonio

3 Reasons the Housing Market is NOT in a Bubble. As we look at the causes of the last bubble and crash - most would agree that the lenient lending was at the heart of the cyclone. The lending practices of the past are gone. Today, far more prudent lending practices make getting a mortgage a bit more challenging with the intent of allowing folks to buy homes they can afford - and keep! Hopefully, everyone not only learned a lesson - but will remember the lesson for a long time. As with anything else in life - balance and moderation are key. Builders are building and trying to keep up with demand rather than building a crazy number of spec homes which have expensive carrying cost. San Antonio never had the issues so many parts of the country had to deal with. We had a steady growth but at lower percentage increases. When the fall came, San Antonio homes lost some value but not nearly the catastrophic losses as many other cities. Our growth again has been in moderation and our market is solid. We see no bubble in the nation and none in San Antonio. We do see rising prices and rising interest rates - in moderation, that is a sign of a healthy market. For more information, have a look at today's article