2017 the Year to Move Up in San Antonio

Is 2017 the Year to Move Up to Your Dream Home? If So, Do It Early! Y'all have heard the phrase "perfect storm" where conditions came together at the same time and created a monster, albeit devastating storm. Well, sometimes conditions come together to create the "perfect opportunity". Like the perfect storm, it does not happen often. The truth is, I am going out on a limb here by comparing the two, yet how can I not? Consider interest rates - low is good and cannot last forever. How they impact buying power has been addressed in previous blog posts here and bottom line, they can have a huge impact and be a big "ouch". Then there is the price of homes - on the rise and predictably not going down. Buying on the up trend is investing in future wealth. And, the economy. Things have improved, the trend is up, the folks in Washington are making every effort to rev up the economic engine and we could see some degree of inflation take hold. Put them all together and the message is buy now - the perfect opportunity to increase wealth and own the home of your choice. For more information, read today's article