Scary Buying A New Home

Buying a Home Can Be Scary... Know the Facts It was actually a long time ago that I made the first leap of faith and bought a home. As I look back, one side of my family were home owners and the other side were perpetual renters. My folks went through life as renters. I was the rebel :-) (Actually, my father was not happy when I bought that first fixer-upper) But that's about me - let's talk about you! We can chat about all the reasons to do it but until you take that first step chances are the process will seem frightening. So, find yourself a qualified REALTOR to hep you through the process and guide you along the way. It is not unlike having a teacher or a coach to get you through something you have not done before. Try it! You will be glad you did. Your landlord can find someone else to pay his mortgage :-)