Owning For Less

Buying is Now 37.7% Cheaper Than Renting in the US - IMAGINE! Many years ago I visited the Soviet Union. Pictures were permitted only when they said OK, so that was a bit of a problem. But what clearly stood out was the lack of home ownership. I am speaking of Moscow right now. Anyway, there were apartment buildings everywhere. I remember thinking how said that people had no place to really call "their own". Later I found out it was much worse. Newlyweds could expect to live in a small apartment with mom and dad for 5 years before getting their own apartment. We are SO LUCKY to live in our great country of many freedoms - sometimes taken for granted. How does that apply to you? Well, look at these numbers. You can actually OWN for less than renting and you can build your wealth by owning. Quit making the landlord rich already. We do not know what the future may bring so we plan for a better tomorrow. Maybe it is time to make your plan. And, if you choose another REALTOR to help you, that's OK - just do it - for yourself - for your family. If you are not in my area, still contact me - I will get you a qualified agent. Read today's report