Not Sure Who to Get to Host an Event? Here Are a Few Fun Ideas.

If you’re planning an event, you may be having difficulty deciding what kind of person would be an ideal host. Here are a few fun ideas that will help you decide who to hire for hosting duties.

Celebrity Impersonator

Celebrity impersonators have been considered a niche form of performance artist for some time, but they have been popularized in recent years with the blossoming of social media and increased interest in political and satirical comedy. 

Everyone from Elvis impersonators to trump impersonators have been hits at parties and events for years, and the performance style is only growing. When seeking a celebrity impersonator, you want to find someone who looks, sounds, and acts the part, as well as someone who runs their impersonation as a business rather than a hobby or gag. 


You might be thinking that hiring an actor would only work at film screenings and festivals, but this isn’t the case. Actors have been hired in the past to host all kinds of events, from conferences to award shows to medical charities, and even participate in events involving things like climate change activism. Actors tend to have causes that they align with, and the topics of the films they appear in are occasionally relevant to conference topics. Choosing an actor is a great way to put a recognizable face, and something of a “Brand” on an event that will both draw in more attendees, and provide them with a memorable experience. 


Models can be hired for all of the same reasons above. Many also have charitable causes that they have an affinity for, and have stretched beyond the confines of modeling work into external activities that may be relevant to a conference. 

Having said that, models are largely hired to appeal to people visually, so one has to be careful about the context of the conference before hiring them. 

It might be great to hire a fitness model for a convention about fitness, but hiring them for a business conference when they know nothing about the company, or a private party for a bunch of crotchety old men is not the greatest idea.


A comedian’s humor is a fantastic asset to most kinds of events, since laughter is a tremendous way to boost morale, increase comfort, and encourage people to bond. Hiring a comedian to host  would break up any feared monotony and add a touch of entertainment and comic relief to the happenings. It has also become exceptionally simple to hire a comedian these days. With social media and hiring apps like, it is easier than ever to find talent and hire them for your events.

Inspirational Speaker

Hiring a motivational speaker to host your event is an excellent idea. No matter the content or context of the event, a motivational speaker can bring a much-needed sense of wisdom and enlightenment. 

Guests can be hired through wonderful websites like to host events and bring a self-care flare to what may otherwise be a serious, or even draining array of programming.