It’s About the Labels

I think it is some time since I posted something directed toward my fellow real estate agents; this one actually reaches outside the business and is suitable for anyone who has a need for labels. Maybe you run a small business, create artsy things, custom baked goods, bottle some of your own wine – you get the idea. You decide the need. 

One of the gifts I like to give clients who purchase a home through me is a gift I hope they will never use. Yes, I said a gift I hope they never use. It is fun to serve that up to first time clients and see the reaction. No kidding – I like to give them a fire extinguisher (which they never have a reason to use).

And, since I hope the gift will be around many years, I like to add my personal label to whatever the manufacturer added at production time. You want to make sure NOT to cover any portion of the manufacture's label because it could be something very relevant or important. I also prefer to make sure the label has an awesome look and feel – and stays in place, permanently. Besides giving a gift of safety it is also a gift of longevity and a reminder when my clients are ready to sell and buy another home…   from me!

Anyway, I found a company that does a great job on colorful, durable labels and here you go There is no hidden link in there and you do not need to tell them how you found them, so feel free to use the link or search to find them yourself in your favorite browser. You can shop their site or request a free sample pack which I did. I am not posting a picture of their samples since they have company names on them but I am sharing their video with you.

And, you may wonder why I have expressed a stronger than usual interest in this company. One of my grandfather’s used to own a printing company (before my time and sadly no family member chose to continue it). In his day the printing process was very different than a modern digital shop. Enjoy the video and if you order anything, please shoot me some feedback or post your comments for all to see.  Thanks for reading, Al