Your Moments In Time

Every once in a while I take this blog in a direction other than real estate – today is one of those times.

Some of you know I serve as a Lead on the Nextdoor app – indeed a privilege accompanied by responsibilities. Most of the time, it is neighbors sharing hyper-local news, recommending something and buying or selling something. Oh, and I should not leave out a lot of lost or escaped pets. Every once in a while, I come across something that EVERYONE should be aware of.

From a neighboring area, a resident reported that her FB account was hacked, connected emails and phone numbers changed – and they were locked out. Initially, one may think – report it, get another account and start again. Yes – moving on is probably best though it would be over the top if the account can be recovered.


The neighbor was very distraught as they had pictures and memories posted exclusively in the account that was now inaccessible! 

Consider if social media is your sole repository for precious photos and memories, you may suddenly discover them lost – forever. If it is the ONLY place you are storing photos, IMO - IT IS VERY RISKY. Anything can happen to a social media or online account. Anything can happen to your phone, your computer or any other device too. (In the case of a hack, not everyone has time or even knows how to download or screen capture their photos before the hackers destroy them.)

I feel sorry for their situation and their broken heart over lost photos and memories of their children. And, that is why I am writing and sharing this post. Whether it is FB or any other platform, bad things can happen. Bad things do not just happen to other people. Consider your moments in time!