OH NO - Not a FSBO!

The title of the video is "Don't Get Fooled into Selling Your House on Your Own" - and it is named that for a reason. On the surface "SAVING" the agent commission sounds like a lot of extra money in your pocket. If you needed surgery, you could save a lot of money by doing that yourself too - but I wouldn't recommend it. I would not go it alone on a home transaction either. To be a professional means years of study and continuing education. Laws change, risks change, and things can get pretty complicated.

But did you also know that when you are selling your home on your own, the buyer looks at you and thinks "we can get this house for less because there is no agent". So who benefits or do you share?  Who wins? Then there is a risk that you could sell too low and lose money - often the case. The buyer wonders if the price is too high? Was too much paid? And what if something goes wrong? Really, really seriously wrong? Y'all get the idea.

Just like many other professionals out there, REALTORS are your best resource. If you want to talk it through, reach out to me and I'll do my best to explain it. Does not matter if you are my client or not. always glad to assist where I can. Goes without saying - never an obligation!