What is with this country these days?

This group of photos got my hand slapped by Facebook today! The almighty gods at FB scolded me for not being within their standards of nudity. WHAT? The holier-than-thou Puritanical attitude that prevails today is getting ridiculous. Boys will be boys (and girls will be girls) - they did not used to be ashamed of their bodies. They were not told to hide themselves.

What happens if someone posts a photo of a naked baby on a bear skin rug today? Facebook does not like such things? Why? There are many reasons for sharing such pictures far outside lust or porn.

It has gotten so ridiculous that today, you go to the changing room at the health club and see late teens covering themselves waist down with a towel while they slip off their gym shorts! They have never been in a school locker room? What is THAT like today? I have no clue about high school locker rooms today or the ladies locker rooms at schools or gyms. But I do know that if these kids later join the military, they will be very unprepared!

I have traveled the world. In many places, locker rooms are co-ed - and NO ONE CARES! Admittedly, that was a challenge for me to get used to (I am an American after all) - but, I got over it. When in Rome.... actually, I think it was Germany - the first time!

OK - so this post is highly unusual for me - perhaps the first real RANT but.......