Growing pains? Time to move on from your first home?

It is really OK to admit that your starter home no longer fits your needs. We all start out with dreams and goals and, at the time, your purchase fulfilled your need - and now those needs have changed. It is a part of life - one constant is change.

Is your current home the best for you in your retirement years?

We all have to deal with change at various times in our lives - we cannot escape it. Perhaps you had a need for a large home, a luxury home, space that you no longer need - and many other reasons for living where you live now. But priorities change!

Maybe that extra space means empty rooms, more to clean and higher taxes to pay. Maybe the the executive luxury home is no longer needed because you do not entertain as you once did. Maybe the yard has become too much work - or too expensive to have maintained. Many things change - it is personal! But, you are living in an investment and have the opportunity to repurpose your savings and appreciation.

You have so many options - whether move to another climate or stay local with something smaller - or whether to buy a mobile home and hit the road for a few years - and any variation in between. You have options - the choices are yours!

Home values have recovered! Do you know how much your home has?

Got to love the automated systems that tell you what your home is worth. Their creators try hard - sometimes they get it right or at least close. This is especially an issue in Texas as we have non-disclosure.

What to do? You can hire an appraiser - or you can call in your friendly real estate professional. It is sort of like checking your bank balance!

NAR says it is a great time to sell. I agree!

There has been a housing inventory shortage for quite a while. That shortage impacts sales (not enough supply to meet demand).

It is still a seller's market but that will not last forever. Take a look at the opportunity - it just might work for you!