Days on Market Drops to New Low

April Brought a New Low to Days on The Market

If you are a seller, the chart inside today’s edition will look quite favorable – if you are a buyer – not! The supply of homes for sale is critically low. Sellers, this is your opportunity to move up, downsize, relocate – whatever you wish to do. It is a great time to order your dream home and have it built to your own specifications. It is not going to get much better than this!

4 Reasons to Sell Now

Many sellers have chosen to get on with their life. The next chapter opened for them in their home of choice. It is a very personal decision, but the time is great. Buyer demand continues, less home inventory (less competition) and prices and interest are predicted to move up. If you are buying up, you can look at higher cost by delaying the purchase of your next home. Seriously, no better time than now!

#1 Reason to List Your House This Summer

There is one undeniable reason to list your home this summer. It is a demand issue. The demand outpaces the available inventory – you as a seller have an opportunity to make money and move on. Homes are needed! Ready to list, call me.