Millennial Homeownership

Somehow Millennials have come to be known as the “renter” generation. But the facts are the homeownership rate for American households age 34 and under is now over 35% and homeownership numbers are expected to increase.

Millennials are clearly the most educated generation to ever exist in the United States and indications are the higher the education, the increased likelihood of ownership. Earnings typically associated with higher education makes homes more affordable. We can expect great things from this generation as they come of age. Recent headlines exclaimed the homeownership rose in the second quarter of 2017 and Millennials proved to have the highest increase of any age group! Read more

Some Millennials became homeowners years earlier and - It May Be Time to Sell

Imagine that - the young generation ready to move on to their next home, perhaps larger or more upscale. These folks bought at the right time to enjoy the increased appreciation of the housing recovery and now may likely have an equity sufficient enough to make that move up. And, now is the time to do that. Home prices are looking to move up and interest rates are too. That means higher payments or less house in the future. Read more about why now is a good time to sell

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Where Are Home Prices Heading in The Next 5 Years? simple - UP!

The expectations are reasonable, not crazy inflation. A survey of over 100 leading economist projects growth of 3% to 5% yearly. That means your investment is expected to grow and equity increase. But if you are not a homeowner it will make an eventual purchase more expensive! Have a look at today's report

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