Moving On in San Antonio

4 Reasons to Buy This Summer! Moving on with your life is just one of the reasons. Either way, you are paying a mortgage - why not your own? If you cannot pay rent, you get tossed out. So, worst case - if you cannot pay your mortgage you may get tossed out as well. But if you get to that point - and you are the owner - there are other options on the table. And, if you never get into that financial situation and all goes well - one day the home is yours. It is a way to increased wealth and proven time and time again. There is some urgency to this. Buying now gets you ahead of rising prices (your wealth improves as prices rise - IF you are the owner). Buying now also gets you ahead of the projected rise in interest rates. You have nothing to lose by trying to buy a home - and everything to gain. What are you holding back for? Have a look at today's article - and then call me