5 Reasons to Sell in San Antonio

5 Reasons You Should Sell This Summer. Remember the movie called "Perfect Storm?" We may have that right now in the real estate market. And, just like a perfect storm is not a common occurrence neither is what we are seeing today in real estate. Market demand is strong and supply is low. As a home seller, that means a good price for your current home - but like any other buyer, you will be up against a limited supply of homes to choose from and higher prices on the home you will buy. BUT - waiting will not likely see lower prices on the home you will buy, yet you will probably see higher interest rates down the road. Higher interest means higher payments - or buy less house than you can buy today for the same money. The economics make sense. If you are in the perfect home and you do not need or desire a different home, by all means - stay put! You may even want to check your mortgage rates to make sure you have the best possible financing and repayment opportunity. But, if you are at all considering a move - for whatever your personal reasons - now in a good time to jump into the storm. For more, have a look at today's article