OK - so I am the proud owner of an iPad (original model) and an iPhone 6 (newest model) and hopefully one day, a MAC Air (Santa - are you listening). I also have a Samsung Chromebook for easy maintenance and lightweight travel. But I have been a desktop PC guy since the dawn of creation (my HP is over 6 years old as of July 3rd). Of all the tech companies to do business with, Apple is the best for quality and support. Last night I found myself in need of help - I am thinking maybe the 3rd time that I have needed Apple to rescue me - and that they did. Mind you, it was nothing simple and I first talked with a level 1 support person and then to a group leader or some such title (heck, if you are going to cause trouble, why not make it interesting - right?). Both were incredibly helpful and not only fixed the problem but explained the solution in terms I could clearly understand. No one asked me to buy a support contract, no one said that will be $$ before we can help you - nope, just there to help me make the connection from planet earth to the cloud in the way I needed it to work. Great company Apple. Thank you!