Your Perfect Home

It is a normal desire to buy "the perfect home" but eventually I realized there is no such thing. When I was a kid I started making a list of everything I imagined for my future home - everything from the interior and exterior design, room dimensions, cabinets, fixtures, colors, even where the wall plugs would be located (I knew there had to be at least two separate outlets on each wall of every room!).  Dreams were a wonderful thing especially for a kid who grew up in an apartment in the city.

The bottom line - you MAKE IT the perfect home. Yeap - whether you are single, a couple or entire family (or anything else I have not thought about when writing this today) - you just simply make it your own perfect home whether you buy resale or new construction! OK, so you start by looking for the right location at the right price and the potential. That is experience talking - I have done it a few times.

Now one booboo today. If you happen to click through to YouTube, you may notice the video is not on our usual channel. We have something new planned for '22 and I accidentally posted 4 videos there just now - and they are going to stay there! More on the new channel later.