How to Get More Storage Space in Your Home

Our Guest Poster Today: Matthew Schwimmer

A living room with a lot of storage options, symbolizing different ways to get more storage space in your home

If there is one thing we all have in common, it's the lack of storage space in our homes. While you can simply buy a bigger house, you can also do something about the storage. For that reason, we will give you some creative and sneaky ways to store your belongings and keep your living space tidy. If you are also struggling with this issue, we have a few tips on how to get more storage space in your home. So, without further ado, let's begin. 

Shall we start with the bedroom?

Bedrooms are probably the simplest rooms in our homes. They feature a bed, a couple of nightstands, perhaps a table and a chair, and a wardrobe. As such, they allow for some clever modifications or solutions to improve storage options.

Especially if you have a small bedroom, you will benefit tremendously from multifunctional furniture. And the one piece of furniture in your bedroom that can provide you with considerable storage space in your bed. An ottoman with a storage compartment is the most obvious choice. It offers a fantastic hidden area for your seasonal clothes, shoes, sports equipment you don't regularly use, anything, really. But you can also opt for some custom-made solutions, with plenty of drawers and cupboards. It will complement your room perfectly since it would be made especially for you.

Furthermore, if you want to personalize the space, you can take advantage of some corner shelves. They will display some of your stylish items while keeping them organized. Such solutions beautify the space and add a personal note. In addition to them being practical, they can also demonstrate your designing capabilities and function as a unique accessory. 

Moving on to the living room

Another room that can flourish in terms of organization with a bit of help from some multi-purpose furniture is your living room. Moreover, if your home has an open concept, besides shelves, you can use room dividers with a lot of storage space. They are very elegant solutions which let you store your belongings neatly. 

Also, there are sofas, footstools, and coffee tables with storage compartments you can use to store throw blankets, magazines, and other trinkets you frequently use but can make your home look cluttered. Also, these are fantastic solutions if you have kids and don't know what to do with loads of toys and drawing supplies. 

Get more storage space in your kitchen

If you take a close look at your kitchen, you will see a lot of unused space. Perhaps all the easy-to-reach areas are occupied but think vertically. Add more cabinets above the existing ones, and you will get a tremendous amount of storage space for the items you don't use that frequently. 

You can make use of high areas anywhere in your home to add more storage. And you don't have to worry much about reaching them. There are some pretty attractive ladders you can buy that are both very useful and can fit nicely in your decor. 

Also, there are probably some smaller gaps you deemed unusable. So why would you get a whole custom-built house when you can get some customizable solutions that can go a long way in creating additional storage space and use every inch to the maximum. Narrow cabinets or even open shelves will prove very handy for some jars and small containers. 

Finally, be creative when organizing your kitchen. This is a room we use daily, and it's the center of all happening in our homes. Also, it is a place with a myriad of different tools and dishes. So, you can use some hooks, for example, to keep your cookware and cutlery organized. And you can add a hidden rack for your spices under the cabinets. 

Have you got a stairwell?

Do you use the space under your staircase? What for? While oddly shaped, it can prove to be an ideal space to convert into some functional storage. You can have a closet made under there or many differently shaped cabinets. It can look as decorative as it is functional. 

Also, add a bench with the space for baskets into your hall. It will be a perfect solution for your bags, shoes, and other small items that make your hall messy. 

Shelving is a fantastic solution anywhere

Have shelves installed anywhere there is a piece of bare, unused wall. Not only will you get more storage space in your home, but shelving will also enliven the otherwise dull areas. Then, all you will need are some decorative baskets and containers, and all your items will be neatly and safely stored. You should invest in some baskets and containers because if you overdo it with the open shelving, it may cause your home to look cluttered and messy again. 

Have fewer things, obviously

Ultimately, the best way to get more storage space in your home is to have fewer items. So, what you should do is declutter. And do so religiously. Go through all of your possessions and keep in your home only the things you really need and use. For the rest, you have two options. 

If you no longer need some items, you can sell, gift, or donate them. Of course, if anything is damaged or broken, discard or recycle it if possible. However, if you need some of the things but use them rarely or seasonally, you should consider renting a storage unit. And don't worry about moving all those items because you can always hire local movers in case you need help with transport. If you have a lot to move, this is a perfect solution as you won't have to go back and forth multiple times. 

Final words

There are many solutions and custom-build options you can use to get more storage space in your home and make it shine. They will all help you stay organized and make your home look tidy and immaculate at all times. All you will need to do is employ your imagination and creativity while keeping functionality, safety, and space you have at your disposal in mind. Of course, some inspiration will not hurt. As a matter of fact, you should always seek it from other people's designs and solutions and see what you can implement in your house. 

Matthew Schwimmer, Blogger and Writer