Thought y’all might be interested in a very unique experience and a very positive one at that! I am the first to admit, this is a bit of eating crow, but oh well, when necessary – eat crow!.

However many years ago it was when I saw them building the Carvana carousel on 1604 near I-10, I remember thinking who would ever want to buy a car that way? Perhaps jaded by a lifetime of going to a dealership and being sold – I was not ready for a change. Fast forward to 2021 and look at what happened!

To set the stage – my 3 prior vehicles during the last 10 years were brand new Cadillacs. Actually, since starting in real estate in 2005, I had always maintained a car that seemed suitable to take clients house shopping and that was fine - then. 

Experience in recent years, even pre-virus, seems clients prefer to meet at the perspective house. Folks shop differently now.

So, time for fun! Time for a sporty car that I enjoy driving! (Sorry Cadillac - your cars are fun to drive too - this is just "different") The question remained – could I have the casual car and still take care of the real estate business? I was not about to go brand new and take the new car first year depreciation if this was a bad decision. 

I needed a contingency in case it was necessary to return to a more traditional type of vehicle and this silver Camaro fit the need – nicely. It is not my first one – I had a red one 30 years ago – loved that car. Kept it 5 years and sold it with 10,300 miles on it. And now, I love this Camaro! Hopefully clients will understand.

The experience with Carvana was off the charts AMAZING. I got to look at so many cars, and see maintenance records and car history and where the car lived before – sometimes even original sticker cost. And NO PRESSURE – EVER! I browsed, saved, and changed my mind – and repeated those steps again – like the kid in the candy store with so many choices. I found their pricing very competitive. And, no worry about buying without having seen the car in person - knowing that there was a week-long option to work through any regrets and return the car if it was not a match (I did not return the car).

Now this story is NOT about a problem free transaction. The real story is how everything was handled and how everyone navigated the rough waters when things did go wrong. I ordered a different car at first. Weather issues were going to delay delivery from Indiana and Carvana gave me an option to wait or make another choice. Reflecting on that, I am glad it happened. When I made the new selection is when I decided on the Camaro – convertible!!!!


The convertible was in Arizona and needed to be shipped here – that does not take long at all. But, on arrival – the top was damaged. YIKES! This could not be happening. Carvana said they would not deliver the car that way and again gave me options – something told me to stay with the Camaro. They had to put an all new top on it and they do that with the professionals at a local Chevrolet dealer. The results – amazing – and it felt that my 2019 was brand new.

Throughout the entire transaction, from selecting the cars, calling for information, changing my order to a different car, dealing with the roof delay – EVERY person I talked with at Carvana had a “smile in their voice” – EVERY PROMISE ever made was kept, even a simple promise like calling me back was kept – no excuses. The delivery driver wore the necessary mask – but you could tell, even he had the Carvana smile and commitment.

And that is why I titled this post Carvana 100. It is not often you deal with a company that has a 100% rating. Carvana and its employees do. And this is a small way to simply say “Thank You”.

I bought the car in January - and all these months later still very happy with the car and Carvana.

* * * * * * * * * * * 

PS:  I don’t think I have ever added a PS to a story in this blog, but this last photo I am sharing is hopefully to give all you readers a smile today. This little pooch I bought in 1970 (NOT a typo) and he has been with me in every car I purchased or leased since then. He was a replacement for a pair of large dice that used to hang from the rearview mirror. Never thought about giving him a name – he is just family I guess.