4 Tips to Make Your Airbnb More Energy Efficient

We welcome our guest poster today, Alex Capozzola from the Philadephia area.

The main point of an Airbnb is to make extra revenue. Unfortunately, it can become counterproductive when you have guests that negatively affect your bottom line by wasting energy. 

If you are worried about energy costs, there are some things you can do to manage the expenses and make your Airbnb more energy efficient. 

1. Adjust the Temperature

Over half of all energy expenses in a home are related to the cooling and heating system. If you want to make your Airbnb more energy efficient, the first thing you should do is to ensure that your heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems are adequately maintained. 

HVAC systems that are dysfunctional can cause your utility bill to increase. Additionally, if air is escaping from the house through seams along the windows frames or door frames, your utility bill could skyrocket.

For those planning to sell your house in the future, a newer HVAC system also adds monetary value to your property. Before making that big investment, a change you can make today to help make your place more energy efficient is adjusting your thermostat. You can also switch to fans during the summer for efficiency and comfort or install a smart thermostat so that you can monitor the temperature better.

2. Save Water

Another way to make your Airbnb more energy efficient is to be conscious of the water usage. For example, you can install a toilet that allows guests to select the amount of water needed when flushing. This can add up dramatically over a long period of time. Plumbing maintenance is also something to keep an eye on. It is best to check for leaks regularly, especially if you notice that the water bill randomly skyrocketed over a short period. One final tip to add to your Airbnb rental is a smart shower. This feature monitors the water usage, flow rate and temperature.

3. Change the Lights

If you are using the standard incandescent bulbs in your Airbnb, this might be contributing to your high energy bills. It is better to switch to LED bulbs, as they are not only brighter with natural light, but are also long-lasting and energy efficient. LED lamps are eco-friendly. If you want something more modern, you can go for smart lighting instead. You can control these lights with a mobile phone app and wall switches so that you can monitor the lighting and usage.

4. Energy Efficient Home Appliances

You can also be more energy efficient with your Airbnb if you upgrade your older appliances. You can look at this as an investment as well, because if your appliances are nicer inside then you can potentially attract higher paying Airbnb guests. 

There are so many energy-saving smart appliances that you can purchase. If purchasing these large appliances is not part of your budget, you can ask your visitors to use the devices more efficiently by leaving rules for them to follow for the washing machine or dishwasher. 

You can easily make your Airbnb more energy efficient with these tips. Making your house as ‘smart’ as possible will go a long way with setting rules for the guests and saving energy. With these tips, you can make your home more energy efficient. It not only benefits you and the planet, but it will also make your Airbnb more comfortable for your guests without having the problem of expensive utility bills.  


ALEX CAPOZZOLO, Blogger & Writer


Philadelphia PA