My Apology


Good grief! Someone wrote me and complained about the number of ads on this blog. My reaction was "what the heck are you talking about". (thought it - did not say it). But I knew the blog was not linked to a bunch of advertisers and checked - and did not see ads. So, I assumed it was a mistake - on her part.

But - sometimes things just haunt you. So, I checked the blog using an incognito browser - and YIKES, there were ads all over the place. Lesson learned - since I normally viewed the blog in the same browser I post and edit from, it was recognizing me as the owner and not displaying any ads. ggggRRRRR

Alright, moving on - I started digging and found out how to disable ads - I think - and now your experience on this blog should be a whole lot better! We'll go forward from this point and I do hope you like the change.  Al