Fund Raising Part 2

OK, so yesterday's post was my occasional fund raiser for KIVA. Today's post is a small follow up - and the last - for a while - promise! (If you are a regular, you already know I only do this 2 or 3 times a year).

If you have clicked on the link, you already may have discovered that you can choose who you want to extend a small loan to. You can filter by need, use and even country. I do all of that - and I have a personal goal of eventually helping at least one someone in every country in the program. It is not a competitive thing as I am quite sure the 100% has been done already and probably by many.

You can see from the list the countries already covered - and those to go. I granted another loan today, the 36th - and you can tell from the list above, loans were made to folks in some countries more than once. This is taking time and perhaps it is a bigger challenge than I thought originally. BUT.... never give up - right?

As I write this, don't know that I have ever really elaborated on this, but remember - these are "loans" to people. They are intended to be paid back (loans are rated for payback expectancy). When you are paid back, you can take your money and go - or - you can lend again. I have been lending again - perhaps the most fun I have had with "recycling". The choice is always yours.

If you would like to explore - and maybe even consider making a small loan, here is the link: . You can make a loan of as little as 25 bucks - you may have heard of it called micro-lending. Either way, thanks for reading.