5 Tips for Buying New Construction

Buying a home involves personal choices and personal preferences. And, that is a good thing - imagine if everyone wanted exactly the same! So, if you prefer older homes - or historical homes, this page may not be of interest. If you like the idea of a brand new home - a home that no one has ever lived in - read on.

I have done both. The experts say our tastes change as we go through life. I have heard changes can take place every 7 years! But, honestly, I am glad to have the experience of both and, I think it helps me to empathize with the unique issues of the two.

The adventure of "new construction" appeals to me. The idea of "all new" appeals to me. The "energy efficiencies" - even the fresh smell of a new home - all very exciting. And the options for some or all customization puts new over the top. Over the years, I have helped clients who never thought they would get "new" make that move. Not all REALTORS do this, but I took courses in new home construction and earned the credentials to better serve my new home clients. Be sure to check out today's report for more about New Construction and check out my credentials to see how I can help you.