15 Years Ago

Actually, 15 years ago this morning, we left Chicago and headed on down to Texas.

These photos are of the last home I owned up there.

This is just one of my unusual posts - sharing a little personal stuff. Tomorrow, the house I bought in San Antonio.
This was an indulgence. Kept the car 5 years and it had only 10,000 miles on it.

First person that answered the for sale ad bought it - full asking price. Think maybe I under-priced it?

Nice patio - built in natural gas grill - and, yes - I used it in December, January, February, whenever... just brushed the snow off.

Looking at the house from the east side. The business car is out front - OK to drive, not as much fun as the other one!

This last photo is at Christmas time - without the snow!

Can't really tell from the photos, but the evergreens were decked in red, white and blue.