$72 BILLION Spent on Pets 2018

Not everyone likes, appreciates or wants to be around pets.

It's true - I have met folks with all different kinds of views. Some of us treat them as family members, even as children, some believe pets belong outdoors and some want nothing at all to do with an animal. I am one of those who have always treated my dog and as a family member, child.

Have a look at today's report for the details. The take-away is pets matter! Actually, besides the fact that most folks would never give up their pet for a place to live or they want a place where their pet can be safe - Americans spend a fortune annually on their pets - over $72 Billion dollars in 2018 and more is forecast for 2019 (sounding like a business opportunity!).

Twelve years ago today, I brought my past dog to Texas - he was born in Maine. Josh was family for 10 years. For the first time ever, giving him the header slot on the SanAntonio.Homes Facebook page facebook.com/SanAntoniosHomes. Check it out!