Spring to Sell

Oh lordy - research says the first week of April is the best time to list your house for sale!

So maybe you should quit reading this post and call me right now. All kidding aside, this is a short read, so go ahead and then call me. We can still get you on the market quickly.

The experts that did the number crunching report that listing the first week of April contributes to 14 times more property views (you read that right, 14 times!) You can read more in today's report.

Two additional reports from NAR - National Association of REALTORS - support selling now. They are the Existing Homes Sales Report and the Pending Homes Sales Report.

Homes sales slowed a bit even though the job market is good and interest rates are low. The problem is a mismatch of available inventory. Starter homes are in short supply. Larger more expensive homes have the greater inventory.

The pending sales had a huge jump in January in all areas of the country - especially in the South. There is an expanded explanation in today's report.

Regular readers know this already - if you are thinking FSBO - For Sale By Owner - don't do it.

If you do, it's going to cost you. Buyers are smart. If they see that you are selling on your own, they will want a reduced price since you are not paying an agent. You just set the stage for that battle. Then there are security concerns, contracting with the non-qualified, paper work, etc.

There are other methods for selling that are "hot" right now - and getting much media attention. We'll talk about that in a future post - for now, reality check, those companies are in business for profit. Sure, they can make things happen in an instant and they "sell" the escape from having to deal with selling - but, at what cost?

You need a Pro in your corner.

In my previous life - corporate work before becoming a real estate agent - I bought and sold and grumbled about how much it cost me to have a professional handle everything. But I stayed with the professionals because I wanted things done - and done right. And I did not have the time nor the knowledge to pursue it.

Now that I am on the working side of the real estate transaction, I can confirm that a good agent - a professional REALTOR - really earns their commission. Today's report barely touches on what an agent must do and how they must prepare.

What to do?

If you want to get the most money for your home - prepare it for sale. It is that simple. The chart lists 20 tips - your real estate professional will guide you in greater detail.

Have you heard of the KonMari Method™?

You need to read about this one! I am very much on board with it.

Make sure you get the price right - the first time!

We all want the most for our house when selling, but generally speaking, we cannot get more than the house is worth. If you want to sell and move on, then best to let your real estate professional guide you. If you interview 3 agents and 1 says your home will sell for $$$ more - the question is - why?

One final thought. You can scroll back up to the first paragraph now - and call me - Al, 210-757-0211