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We are always striving for ways to make buying a home easier for our clients. This is a great opportunity for for you to apply on line, get a competitive cost savings quote and a $500 credit mentioned below. For more information visit "Mortgages" on our website.

Texas Premier Turbo Team Disclosure:
The Texas Premier Agent discloses that agent is a limited owner of Texas Premier Turbo Team Franchise which has an affiliated business arrangement with Turbo Mortgage, a residential mortgage broker licensed to do business in Texas. The buyer has the option to make loan application with Turbo Mortgage but is under no obligation to do business with this lender. The client can choose any lender of their choice. As a benefit to doing business with Turbo Mortgage, our client will receive a $500 credit to be applied to any future loan cost. NOTE: You do not need to be our client to apply with Turbo Mortgage – everyone is welcome to apply.