The Home Inspection

Why you need a home inspection - and what does that mean?

You find a home you like, you make an offer and it is accepted. Now what? In Texas, we use what is called an "option period". Typically, you pay the seller $100 or so (depending on the price of the house) and you get X days to have the house inspected. I said X days because while 10 days is what I typically see - it can be more or less as negotiated with the seller. You want enough time to allow a professional to inspect the home for your protection. You should also have the house inspected for bugs - termites eating your investment is not the best thing!

Once arrangements are made with the inspection company, you should plan to be there that day. Some inspectors may want you there the entire time - others may give you a time perhaps at the half way point. The inspector will show you many things you may not know and answer some questions that you may have. Following the inspection, you will receive a report with the good and the bad listed. Most reports that I have seen include pictures.

If there are issues, no reason to freak out. Get professional advice. Somethings are just ordinary and others may be critical. Your agent will work with you to prepare a request for the sellers to make repairs or give you an allowance for you to make repairs after closing. Each case is different and that is where your professional REALTOR can get you through it.

Buying a home should be a great experience. We hope that yours certainly is!