Why List Today

Tight Inventory on the Housing Market Has An Impact

Check out all the resources listed in the report (use link above). I am often asked if there is a shortage – and the answer is simply – YES! This is especially true at the lower price points and that creates a great opportunity for move ups!

New home construction can only create X number of homes per year. If X is lower than demand, then there is increased pressure on the market. There are buyers out there now! If you are thinking about using the equity that you have built up in your home and want to reinvest that equity – now is the time to explore

34 Days! - Median Days on the Market Drops

Holy smokes! The median days on market has dropped to 34. THAT says there is a shortage of homes available for purchase – less than meets the market demand.

Nevertheless, not all homes will sell fast. It is not the “throw the bare hook in the water and catch a fish market”. You need to have your house priced right to sell. You also need to make your house marketable – the right look matters

Why Sell This Winter - 4 Reasons

Need a little more convincing? Besides the low inventory, there are other reasons to sell and move on. Checkout the report for 4 additional reasons to list your home now

Sales Reach Highest Annual Pace in 11 Years For Existing Homes

For those that have already decided to sell and have done all the right things, the news is good. No, not good – the news is great! Existing home sales are the highest annual pace in 11 years! That news kind of takes us full circle back to the short supply. The forecast going forward is more of the same. This is an opportunity. Will you make it yours

You Shouldn’t FSBO - And The Top 5 Reasons

If you are a regular here, you already know there are compelling reasons not to FSBO (for sale by owner). Much like any profession albeit a doctor or a plumber, somethings are best left to those who have all the training.

Statistically about 90% of the folks who try FSBO eventually turn to an agent. Studies have proven the FSBO net theory wrong. Your friendly REALTOR has the training to price right, screen clients, and absorb many of the headaches that can accompany a real estate transaction. That is what we do

Top Reason to List Your House Today!

We saved the best for last today! Many folks believe that waiting for spring is a good strategy. Well, more people may shop come spring, but there are real shoppers out there right now (more foot traffic than at any time in the last 5 years - see today’s report – link above). The demand is there. The demand is stronger because less houses are available. More houses will be available in spring. Your opportunity is now if you are ready to seize it